Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 weeks!

So life has been not so busy the last week. I haven't updated because i get so tired that i don't feel like updating. LoL

Well, Matty is 2 weeks old today. :-) Its amazing how fast he has grown in 2 weeks. His weight went down for a little because he wasn't breastfeeding well [and i was stressed out because of it and that was not helping] but we have supplemented some formula and he is growing WONDERFULLY! He is 8 lbs. 9 ounces now. :-D He sleeps really well and i LOOOVe that. Its probably short lived but thats ok. I don't have anything else to do.

we heard from daddy on saturday. :-) I didn't recognize his voice at first. He sounded all deep and manly. LoL I was like, "Cameron ?" and he said, " Yeah, who else would it be?" I was like, no one but it didnt sound like him. It was nice to hear from him so soon after he left though. He even called the next morning just to say a quick i love you. It made my day. He even wanted to get put on speaker phone and talk to matty. It was soo cute. It didnt last long because lets face it, matty is a blob right now and had no idea what was going on. But i think it made daddy's day. :-) I cant wait till matty gets older and he can talk to daddy on the phone. Its amazing how much Cameron has changed after matty coming out. Its hard to describe. Its not like he grew up, but he instantly fell in love with his son. It is the most precious thing to watch.

Im feeling really good after having a c-section. I dont really have pain, except when i first wake up in the morning. And even that isn't bad at all. The only thing about the whole not being pregnant anymore is the hanging skin. The skin that was stretched to an ungodly size and is now just hanging there...I guess thats to be expected and as soon as im told i can [at my 6 week checkup] Im going to be doing sit ups and excersizes to help minimize this yucky gift that my dear sweet angel has given me. I can deal with the stretch marks [i never wore a bikini to begin with and cameron doesn't care because he calls them baby love marks] but this flab i hate. Ill git er done.. Dont u worry. HeHe

Alright its late so im going to beddy bye now. Matty is sleeping and probably wil for at least two hours or so i better get going.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its been awhile...

So, i had the baby..:-D

YAY! Matthew Wade Copelin was born september tenth at 7:59 pm. He weighed 8 lbs 5 ounces. He was 20.5 inches and has a FULLLL head of blonde adorable wonderful curly hair. Just like daddies. :-D He is beautiful and everything a mother could ask for. Its been a rough week of life for him and for me but he is worth every bit of it.

Ill start by describing labor..[this is probably going to be a three or four part blog -LoL]

So, tuesday night, i stopped having a ton of pain but i was having lots of heartburn. I kept feeling like i had to pee but then when i went to the bathroom.. nothing! but my underwear would be wet. Odd to me, but when i was at the dr. earlier that morning, she checked and it wasnt amniotic fluid so i was in the clear. Anyways, it was like right around midnight and i FINALLY was able to put my heartburn in check and start to doze off and fall deeply asleep when all of a sudden i had a huge gush of what felt like warm water on my leg and bed. I sat up and an even bigger one happened and i said, " Cameron i think my water just broke." He sat up in bed and pulled the covers off and looked and started running around the bedroom rushing to the laundry room to get some clothes and brush his teeth. Meanwhile i kept walking around in circles, dripping as i went, trying to get ahold of my mom on the cell, get some kind of underwear, thinking about how i was going to "catch" all the fluid dripping out of me, and manage to get out of the house. Cameron asked me how much time we had and i said i didnt know but he needed to call the hospital and let them know we were on our way. So he gets the phone and I got the number and then he called and gave the phone to me cuz he didnt know what to say. LoL

Basically they said come in. :-)

So off we went. I got to the hospital at 12:30am on wednesday the 10th. They hooked me up and did all their tests to see if my water had broken, which it did. Then i tried walking, taking a shower, and walking around some more. Nothing was bringing on contractions..:-( So around 930-10 my dr came in, checked me [i was at 3.5 centimeters], and said lets start some pitocin. So they did. Well that started what was the worst excrustiating pain EVER! my contractions started coming all right but apparently they were not strong enough for the nurse cuz she kept upping my dosage. By noon, my contractions we super strong and never seemed to have time apart. My poor uterus never got a break. I was trying not to cry, and i didnt, but oh boy was i in pain. I kept remembering what my mom said about breathing. Thank goodness for Cameron because without him i wouldnt have been able to get through it at all. FINALLY at around twoish i couldnt take it anymore and i BEGGED for an epidural. The only anisteioligist {i have no idea how to spell that word} there was busy in the OR all day as well so i had to wait for him to fit me in. Meanwhile i was dying of pain. He finally got up there and did his magic. It was painful but it was worth it cuz i knew soon i wouldnt feel anything. So right afterwards, they checked me and guess what.. i was at 9.5 centimeters. So the majority of my labor was no pain killers.. OMG i do NOT reccomend that to anyone. Then at 4 oclock i was ready to push.

OF course by then i coudnt feel anything from the waste down so cameron had to tell me when to push. it was interesting to say the least. imagine trying to poop but not being able to feel your urge. VEry difficult. I pushed for 3 hours. During all this, MAtty got stuck. HE was face up and wouldnt turn for 3 hours. Then once he did, he got stuck and his heart rate dropped dramatically and didnt go back up. they were going to vacuum him out but since his heart rate wouldnt back up, they decided to get him out via c-section. I didnt want that at all, with Cameron leaving in a week for patrol, but i wanted him out and fast and healthy. So we went in around 730 and then at 7:59, He came out. :-D He was beautiful and It was so amazing to to look at him, after all the waiting and praying and anticipation, he was here. I dont think Cameron reazlized how much u could love someone. Watching him watching his child be born is something i will never forget. To see how much love he had instantly for his child was so precious something that no words can describe. It made the whole day worth it.

Ill write more later. Matty is sleeping and i want to rest my eyes while he sleeps away. :-)

Besides, when harry met sally is on tv and its my favorite movie next to The Princess Bride.

Monday, September 8, 2008

OKay, so its day 2 of being overdue.
Im so uncomfortable.
Im so tired of being pregnant.


Im definitely having what they call lower back labor. Thats for DAMN SURE! It is the most painful thing ever! well, as far as right now that is. It will get worse. But least night i was in walmart and almost DIED from how painful it was. I was in the pad section getting some stuff for my hospital bag and i was on the phone with my mom and doubled over in pain. It hurt so bad. Then i started crying. Poor Cameron. He is so sweet though. I can see he hates seeing my in pain and wants to hold my hand and rub my back and even offered to stay home from work today (not that he had a choice). Its the fact he wanted to to make sure i was ok. He can be so sweet at times..when he ISNT being a douchebag. HaHa

So i guess i could go do some laundry since i have to keep moving (hopefully that will get the baby moving..on his downward freedom from the womb).

oh and its not raining today so im going for a walk. U know it!!!


Keep sending Baby birthing vibes?!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Its my due date..

And i feel NOTHING!! Im tired, yes. (thats what happens when your up awake till 4am) I threw up my breakfast this morning, but i think thats because i got a whif of something a little bit after that made me nauseous. I took a nap. OTher then that im just sitting here watching tv. Its pouring rain outside so i can go walking around the loop. I wish i could. Id be out there walking all day long. I walk up and down the stairs a bunch of times already, but im telling you, nothing is going to make this baby come out...It sucks too because i have two friends behind me pregnant, and one of them has been having contractions (i just read in her blog last night) pretty consistently. The other one's doctor said she is going to go into labor earlier then expected. Its not fair..i mean, i have been pregnant longer then them and THEY are possibly going to get their babies first? and be put out of their miseries firST?! I would be completely happy for them, because as a pregnant woman i understand their pain and i wish it upon NO ONE! WEll, except for my husband. LoL But still..I would be so upset. Plus, with cameron leaving on the 18th, im so afraid that this baby isnt going to come before then. My dr. keeps telling me that 42 weeks is FULL term and thats still 2 weeks from now!? I wish that this little man would be content to come out sooner...My Mom had all early babies. WTH! Its not fair. Is it like a punishment or something to keep me pregnant forever?! i feel like im going to give birth to a two year old.

oh well, i guess i could be happy that at least everything is going well and that the baby and me are completely healthy.well minus the huge swollen feet i have had the last couple weeks.
Lets Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

it's been awhile...

the last time i updated this was in august last year.
Lots of stuff has happened.

* i survived my first LOOOONG winter in kodiak.
* i got pregnant...!!!! Baby Boy is due any day now..:-D
* i got a job at the safeway managing the starbucks kiosk there. It really sucked, mainly necause this is kodiak and the management there at safeway SUCKS! But i dont work there anymore so it works out. :-)
* I made some WONDEFUL friendships with a few of the wives on Camerons boat and i wouldn't be able to get through this experience without them.

Pretty much that is it.
I got to fly home after a year of being gone and that was an amazing vacation!! My Sister in law got married and even though i couldnt be IN the wedding, i was very much a part of the wedding and was very happy to be there on behalf of her brother.

My due date is on saturday. So far, im just uncomfortable. I haven't really had any contractions. The few ive had [big ones that is] are sporatic and nothing to write home about. I dont forsee this baby coming anytime soon..:-( It scares me though, with cameron leaving on the 18th. i just want to make sure that He is home for the birth. I dont think i could handle going through it without him...mainly cuz im so far away from everyone. I know i have my girlfriends here but remember they aren't my mom or my husband.
Thats my main concern right now. I cant even think about the idea of labor yet..