Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Continued Recents...

Even though i live in alaska, and even though it is FEBRUARY, we currently have NO SNOW on the ground. This picture is of in front of my house?!

and up the street from my house

(Old Woman's Mountain).
As you can see, no snow....
I am dissapointed in my last winter here...

It finally stopped raining today, long enough for us to go and get outside for awhile. Matthew has been sooo deprived from exploring the outdoors, so we went to Jewel Beach. The tide was in so we weren't able to stay out there long, but i got a few little cute shots. Have i mentioned Matthew loves to be outside? Any other reasons he is most definitely his daddy's boy?

He was so ready to go play outside.
And yes those are CONVERSE on his feet.
We don't wear just any old shoe. Only the best for his little toes. Gotta be cool like all his uncles and his daddies friends. :-)
He is getting so big.
Today Matthew saw me eating an apple and he wanted a bite.

So i gave it to him to see what he would do.

and he took a bite....

and he LIKED IT!! Success!
He was so proud to show me his apple.

Even while Cam has been gone these last three months, I have not been raising no sissy little boy. I found a lite sabor toy for $1.00 at a garage sale this weekend. Needless to say, Matthews boyish hit anything with it tendencies quickly came about. Now if these pictures do not scream, " I am BOY !! Hear me Roar!!" I do not know what does.

Last weekMatthew was kind of sick and had a slight allergic reaction to a bunch of dust and cat hair so we went to the dr. and he told us to get Matthew a little bit of benadryl. Unfortunately, I also had to skip a nap this day, so poor little man was ready for bed by 4:30. His normal bedtime is 8 so it was a LOOOONG evening. Poor guy not only fell asleep in his high chair but he also fell asleep in the ball pit. I felt so bad for him. Promptly at 6:35, I could push him no further and he went to sleep. The little man did not wake up till 9 the next morning. It was a glorious evening for mommy to say the least.

Matthew is well and feeling Healthy as a horse now so thank goodness his sleeping is back to normal.
I found out [a while back, but since I haven't updated in a LONG time]
that my sister-in-law Kirsten and her husband Lucas are going to be expecting a little peanut of their own. Asher Wade Slavin will be making his appearance sometime the end of June/ beginning of July. I can not wait and I am SUPER excited for both of them.
Cameron will be home in a SUPER short time so Me and Matthew are very excited. I have two pictures of Cameron and us on the fridge that are low enough, for Matthew to point to. He knows who his daddy is though, because he points to every picture on the wall that has Cameron in it and says, Da Da!. Breaks my heart for him to be gone and missing him, but It is only for a short while longer. The new place we are moving, will have Cameron being home more often, which also means, more family vacations and trips instead of just me and MAtthew, or just Cameron. :-) YAY! Anyways, off to workout and then to bed. Until Next time....


So, It's been awhile since i updated, about 2 months now. So since we are moving in a short few months, i figured I'd update you all. We are officially moving. :-D YAY!!! June 2nd we are outta here?!?! Can not wait?! We are moving to Everett, Washington. Our number one pick babay YAY! Im stoked, Cams stoked, and if he knew what that meant, Matthew would be stoked too. We plan on visiting everyone together as a family [first time we have been able to afford that since we moved up here] so get ready to have 3 little travelers showing up on your doorstep this summer. LoL Anyways, on to the updates.

So this stuffed lion u see in this picture here, is a lion that Cameron bought for Matthew. It is now added to the Minagery of comfort items Matthew has. He sleeps with this lion every night and at naptime everyday. If he doesn't have it, he wont sleep. It is too sweet. I love it.

So For Christmas, from Mommy and Daddy, we got Matthew a bouncy ball house. I mean, a bouncy ball castle. The first day we got it, he wasnt to thrilled with it to say the least. Wouldnt go in it at all, not even with me in it first. this thing is HUGE to say the least so I don't blame the guy. But by the next day, he got more brave and finally got in all by himself and well, as you can see from the pictures, had a great time. He is not as enthralled with it as I thought he was going to be, but hey, it will be nice the rest of our time here and when we get to Everett and its so icky out we can't go outside. Plus, its for ages 3-6 [yes i know he is young, he will grow into it] so when ever the next little munchkin comes along, they will be able to use it as well. :-) woot woot!!

He thinks he is so cool in his chair.

Talking to Uncle David on Skype, In Israel.

Matthew has his new best friend, Jack.
They play together a lot and pretty much are buddies.
They always get into trouble together.

This was a funny Mommy Moment I had.
I had some crafty stuff on the kitchen table and Matthew thought he would somehow get a hold of the GLITTER and eat it.
This is what i found when i discovered the sparkly treat being consumed.

And this is what he looked like after i took the glitter away.
Needless to say, he was less then enthused.
{eta: I promptly took the pen away after this photo was taken}
The rest of these are from Christmas 1 and 2. We had some really bad bad weather up here where planes didn't fly in for a few days, which backed up mail to our little island for awhile. So we had Christmas morning with the few packages that made it here before hand, and then about 2 weeks later we had Christmas with the presents that arrived afterwards. These are the cutest ones where he wasn't moving so much and aren't super blurry. Its hard being the only one to help with presents and take pictures with a toddler. LoL
Anyways, Thank you to everyone who sent presents to Matthew and to Me and Cameron. We appreciate you thinking of us, even when we aren't around to Celebrate with you. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. !!!!