Friday, July 31, 2009

Since we have been home.

So, Cameron got home a little over a week ago.
We missed him. We always go meet daddy at the pier and we follow his boat around thre base island all the way in. Here's a pic his boat coming in through the rain and fog. Yes mommy and baby are troopers to watch all this outside and in the rain. :-) After awhile, matthew started getting colder so i had to do what i had to do: Put him inside my jacket with me. :-) My GF Kali caught a pic of it. Whatta u think???

The day after he got home we went to a place called monashka creek. We had a bunch fun watching the wind blow through the reeds, the eagles fly, the fish swim, and daddy try to catch some fish. Matthew was rather amazed at his daddy trying to fish. It had to have been one of the funniest face little man has ever made. :-)

This was one of the first times Cameron got to use his new fly-fishing rod that his dad got him for christmas, so he was pretty excited to use it. He was so excited, he prayed God would let him catch a fish.

While Daddy was fishing, we took some pics of other stuff and watched some fish on a bridge out there.There was some pretty cool trees out there. This one was an old stump that had come out of the ground. It's one of my favorite pics of that day.

At the very end of the day, when were driving back home, we passed a huge part of the hill where a picture of john wayne was painted on. I thought this was SUPER cool so of course, i took a picture. At the end of the day, it was a pretty fun little trip. Even if daddy didn't catch any fish.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where does the time go??

Hey all. Seriously though, where does the time go. Here it is July 15th and I swear, it feels like i was pregnant with Matthew, finding out what he was just last week. It's truly amazing how much they can grow and take over your life
He is growing like a weed! He turned 10 months old last week. He looks like such a big boy, and he thinks he is too. I like to say he is 10 months going on 5 yrs. LoL He throws temper tantrums just like a big kid would. He even goes as far as to throw himself on the floor, throw his hands up in the air, and slam them back down screaming, crying, and carrying on. At first i laughed at this, but now it's getting old. I have to ignore him, because if he even thinks im paying attention to this display he will keep it going till i give him what he wants. Can we say a little bit spoiled? It doesn't help that everyone thinks he is adorable and they give all the attention he wants. He "performs" for other people, and then when its just mommy and daddy, he really shows his true colors. HaHa But we love him and i couldn't ask for a more perfect little man. :-D He is crawling all over the place too. I have to be fifteen steps ahead of him so i can get rid of stuff before he gets to them. He can find anything. I think he grew in the last month we've been at my moms too, because i swear he reach things he couldn't when we first got here. :-) Its amazing. We did have a sad time when My dear Kodiak friends, Paul Gina and Mikey transferred out. They all became quite attached to Matthew and him to them so it was a pretty sad day. It didn't affect Matthew at all u know, but mommy was pretty sad. Cameron is gone again so MiMi and PaPa flew us out for Great Grandma Barbara's 80th BD. It was pretty amazing to see all of us Gutfelds together, especially since it was the first time for a lot of people to meet Matthew. They all thought he was precious and he behaved so well. He met at least over 30 people and he just hammed it up. Have i mentioned he likes being the center of attention? ;-) We spent fourth of July in So-Cal and Matthew loooooved all the fireworks. He is definitely inheriting his daddy's love of pyrotechnics. People were setting off fireworks all over the place and doing crazy things and Matthew just though it was funny. He loooves fire apparently. Lol He also finally get to meet a few of mommy and daddy's friend that he didnt get to meet last time we came out. Uncle spencer thought he was pretty darn amazing and i think the feeling was mutual. Daddy will be happy to know his best friend pretty much loves his kid. :-) We werent able to see Auntie Kirsten and Uncle Lucas but next time we definitely will. :-) We were also able to stop by my aunt peggy and uncle henry's house in King City. We finally got to meet my cousin bridget's little girl Ella. We snapped a few shots and let me tell you, Can we say Adorable!!!

Love To All!