Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So before Cameron left, we had cake for Matthew's 1st birthday so daddy could celebrate with us. Cameron made fun of my cake though. I tried to simulate "Matthew" on the cake, buuuut we obviously know that matthew is not blue and he doesn't have green eyes. So needless to say, i am not a cake decorator. It was cute though, for being a first birthday cake. :-)
Lets say Matthew looooves cake! :-) Like most 1 yr olds, he really kinda tore into that chocolate cake. I have to say though he really ate pretty cleanly though. Here are some pics of that.

The day before, after church, Cameron went out and tried to catch some fish on his rod he got for Christmas from his dad. :-) He still hadn't caught anything on it yet and he wanted to before he left for patrol.

Well this time, he caught two HUGE silver salmon.

As you can see, He was very proud of himself.
So since we don't eat much salmon at all, and the guys were leaving, Cam decided to smoke some. He really enjoyed himself out in the front yard, in the sunshine, being a man..

The Next day daddy left so we took some pics of our little family, daddy on the boat, and it sailing away...

We even got a picture of the two of us before little man was woken up.

Here is daddy on his boat. He is the only one looking at us. Can you find him?

Bye Bye Daddy !!
See You Soon.
Until our next update....

Sunday Park

AS PROMISED...here is a video of the walking boy..:-) It took me a while but i got it to FINALLY work. I still can not get over the fact that little man is going to be turning 1 here in a few days. I can't believe my sweet little angel has turned into this big little boy. :-( It makes this mama sad.

We went from this to this.
I can not believe it. I remember how happy i was when he sat up by himself for the first time.

We actually had a GORGEOUS day here in Kodiak on Sunday. We went to the park with my friend Kali and her little boy Iain. Matthew had a LOT of fun just exploring all over the place.
However, he does NOT like the swings.
I don't get it but that's ok. Maybe when daddy get's back we will try it again.
:-D Other then that we got a lot of cute pics so i picked the best ones.

He kept trying to figure out what was on top of this play structure. He looks like he was jumping, even though we haven't figured it out yet. :-)

Then we figured out we weren't going to get up on top so he went back to playing with the steering wheel. It had these silver balls in it that made LOTS of noise when you turned it.
He loved it. :-)

After he got a little bored at the wheel, he thought he would walk away and explore some more. He didn't factor in the BRIGHT SUN we had that day. He isn't used to it. :-) So i got to snap this adorable face! Of course, now this his is favorite face to make no matter what now. It makes him look more and more like daddy too. :-)

Updates again soon..:-)