Monday, November 16, 2009

I know, I know. It's been a long time since i updated. I have no excuses except for life with little man is tiring.

He is 14 months old now and is always on the go.
He is becoming more and more strong willed as the days go by. Its a positive and a negative in my book. It's great because he is getting more and more independent. On the same hand, it is horrible for me because it means if he doesn't want to do something, he throws a hissy fit until he either gets his way or he gets distracted. It's a very repetitive and patience driven life but so worth it. He is my little "angel."

We FINALLY had our first sticky snow this weekend in Kodiak. I have been waiting oh so patiently for it and here it was?! :-) We got Matthew a snow suit from Columbia and some boots and some gloves and we ventured outside.

Matthew was exited at first. He liked the way it looked and the way it felt. He was all good until the wind on our hill started. Unfortunately we live on a hill and our garage blocks the wind from going around house so it all centralizes in our front yard. Poor little man was getting windblown. It only lasted for a few min. but it was the most fun few min. watching my little man play in the snow. :-)

He is quite the mobile man now. he even runs. Well he tries. :-) He is an expert dancer to. We watch yo gabba gabba(his favorite kids show) and all he does is dance the whole time.
It's so funny to see. I'll try to get a video of it later to show. :-) He is also very into reading and being read too. He will sit in the corner with his books and just look and look at the pictures. His favorite books are the touch and go books about all the animals. cam and I are able to almost recite the books word for word at this point, but if it enhances his imagination and joy for reading in the long run, We wont stop. :-)

Matthew even got to really experience Halloween this year. :-) We only got to about 10 houses, but he walked up to them as if he had been doing it forever. He loved his little pumpkin and wouldn't let go of it all night. He was a monkey this year [as lion like the costume looks.] We even let him suck on some gummy worms [It was Halloween !] He loved it. :-)

We are in the beginning stages of the transferring out of Kodiak process. :-) We are priority number 2 so that means we have a HIGH chance of getting one of our top three picks. While we aren't transferring back to California [sorry, i just am selfish and want my husband around more then the boats there allow ;-)], we are trying to stay on the west "coast".
Our top three picks are:

1.Everett, Washington
2. Astoria, Oregon
3. corpus Christi, Texas.

We are really hoping and praying we get our number one. I love Washington and Everett is right in the surrounding area's of Seattle!? After being isolated for the last 3 years, I'm ready to live in the middle of a metropolis, that's for sure!? Wherever God puts us is fine with me in the end. :-)

Anyways, Matthew needs a diaper change. Yuck!
Until next time. :-)