Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ok... so needless to say its been a VERY long time since i updated. October to be exact. Since then, TONS has happened. Im not going to bore u with all the details so I'll just tell u about the best part...

Matty is now 7 months old and he is crawling, pulling himself up on things and moving all over the place. We had to get a baby gate and sequester him in the living room because we have stairs, the cat box, and the cat food all downstairs and baby accessable. He likes to chase Roxy around the house, even if its around and around in a circle. It's adorable. He truely is the love of my life. U really don't know what true joy is until u bring a life into this world. Knowing that He is half of me and half of Cameron is so amazing and wonderful to watch. It's as if he grows like ten inches everyday. Im waiting for him to look like me a little more (he does have my eyes!!!) but alas he looks more and more like Cameron's son everyday. There is no denying that Matty is his. He truely is ADORABLE!!!! Its so fun to watch the two of them playing and interacting with each other. Matty can say da da da and cameron gets elated. Of course Matty thinks that Im da da, the tv is da da, even the cat is da da, but still in Camerons world its his first word. Whatever keeps cameron happy i guess. LoL

well since baby is sleeping for now, im going to go and read. Ill try to update more frequently, now that im more settled.