Sunday, July 18, 2010


So we have left Kodiak. It was a bittersweet leaving most definitely...:-( I made a few life long friends while i was there and while some had gone, some had stayed and some were brand new. Either way I was forced to say goodbye to them because I was leaving. It was definitely hard to do, so I had to have a lot of goodbye parties and outings to get them all taken care of.

First, We had to say goodbye to some of Kodiaks outdoor beauty...

Of course Matthew had to walk right to his own path.

Then me and Kali went out for a just us type of night [all our other gals couldn't do last minute]
However, whenever we would go out in Kodiak, you never know who we could run into. We ran into this lady....

We thought a bunch of different things as we sat next to her and just watched her...

Was the ball in her hair also to be pulled out and used as a weapon against creepy fishermen?
Did she get the memo for the Kodiak Derby and we didn't?
Was this a regular hat she wore out all the time?
We didn't know the answers these but we snuck a picture in just to document her amazingness.

Then my other play group mommies threw me a goodbye party, disguised as one of our annual Friday night Dinners! I had no idea. I will miss these special ladies....

Sara even made me a cake!!!

Matthew had to say goodbye as well.

.... to be continued

Mommy and Me pics

So when we took family pictures, We weren't able to get any Mommy and Matthew ones because happy time with a tired toddler is
However, Amy graciously offered to capture some later on, before we moved. :-)
So here they are..

And this one is my favorite...