Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Matthew is MAJORLY walking. He is just cruising around now. :-) It's amazing to see how well he can walk now, in less then two weeks! Sometimes he tries to run but it doesn't always work out for him, but he picks himself up and keeps going. :-) My big tough guy. He even tried climbing the baby gate today. Oi... I've been trying to upload a video of him on here but it keeps timing out. I will keep trying though so keep checking back. :-)

We started going back to church 2weeks ago.
Matthew is old enough now to handle the nursery [since there is NO way he would be able to sit through the service.] He is far to squirmy to sit still for over an hour. All we get is compliments on how good matthew is and how well he plays with the other babies. He is always happy an bubbly and I always hear comments like that though. Sorry if im being a little conceited, buttttt he is an adorable little man, even when he is throwing his tantrums. I think, the toughest part of being a stay at home mom is how attached Matthew is to me. If I leave the room, he freaks out! He will stand at the gate that blocks off the kitchen and stairway from the living room, scream, and shake the gate until I either pick him up and bring him in with me or I climb back over the gate and play with him again. It's tiring on your body and a little bit on your soul: to be wanted and needed 24-7 by someone. It is worth it in the end. :-)

He loves spending time with his daddy though. Cameron loves to get on the floor and crawl around Matthew and Matthew just giggles and laughs so hard, I wonder if his little body can handle it. It makes me sad to think about Matthew not being able to be around his daddy all the time like he has been the last 5 weeks. :-( Daddy leaves again in a week-ish [for security reasons i can't say exactly when] and I don't know if going to be harder on daddy or even Matthew. :-( He just adores Cameron and i think the feeling is mutual.

I got my hair cut the other day though. I had to get my bangs trimmed up and i put a bunch of layers in it, since i have been trying to grow my hair out. I was originally going to cut it shorter because I am tired of either putting it in a ponytail or straighten it straight. I figured if i cut it shorter i might be able to do something different with it. The salon girl talked me into something else and it ended up being really nice and something not only I enjoyed but something Cameron was pleased with. :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

almost one year

It is amazing to me how much Matthew has grown in just the last 2 weeks. He went from taking little steps to full on walking around the living room. He still can't go from sitting and crawling to standing yet but he can pull himself up and then walk around. It's so cute because he gets so excited that he is walking that he bobbles around and then falls. I love it. :-) He has had some mishaps though. He was dancing to some music the other day, while opening a drawer on our desk. He got so excited he slammed the drawer into his left eye and it swelled up a little bit. Cam was a little worried but he is fine now. Left a little mark, but he is a-ok.

He also has 6 teeth. He has four on top and two on the bottom. He was pretty cranky with the last two that came in. Overall he has been really good with teething.
He eats more food all by himself all the time now. His favorite food is still green beans and carrots. :-) he isn't that fond of pasta. He just pokes at the noodles and then, when i try to put a noodle in his mouth, he gags like he is choking, and pushes the noodle out of his mouth. Its hilarious.

He also has decided that this monkey he has, is his new best friend. He even has to hold it when he eats. I try taking it away and he throws a fit until i give it back.

We had blueberry pancakes the other morning. He loved them. Unfortunately, his behind didn't enjoy them so much. So we are going to hold off for now till he gets a little older.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yes he is moving and grooving now. This video doesn't show it that great because it was right before nap time BUT he is definitely more mobile now. I'll update more later but I just wanted to get this out there to the people that don't get to see him. :-)

ps. His head gets bigger everyday too. :-)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So matthew is getting bigger everyday, as u can see. :-)
We have been trying TONS of new foods since we have been home.
We tried, watermelon, blueberry muffins, yogurt, and pretty much anything else mommy can put into the food processor.
I got tons of pictures of the funny funny faces he makes when he eats them.

We went and had coffee with our friend christine the other day at this cute little coffee shop called Java Flatts. Matthew had a great time and couldnt stop staring at christine. He is quite the ladies man, what can i say. :-)

In a month from now, matthew will be 1 year old, and sometimes i can't believe it. I can still see him as the teenie tiny orange baby he used to be. :-) Everyday reaching Higher and higher to be a big boy. I can't believe it. Wh