Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Pictures...

We took some family pictures when Cameron got home, before Matthew got to much older and these are what we came out with. The photographer, Amy Earle, is awesome at capturing how truely special my little family is. :-)

This was a very important picture to get that day.
It means a lot to capture how awesome they play together, since Daddy is gone all the time.

This train is a exact replica of a train the Cameron had when he was little. I wanted to see how alike they look..:-)

Cameron got Matthew this lion when he was gone underway about a year ago.
Matthew sleeps with it every night and I thought it would be a cool picture for Cameron to see.

This day we weren't able to get any pictures with Me and Matthew, so we went back a 2 weeks ago and got a few of those. Her blog, where she posts about the photo sessions she does, is

Thank you Amy...

a few more....


So one day, we were lazing about the house and I had left my flats in the kitchen the night before. Matthew then decided he had to wear them around the house. It was to funny. Needless to say, Daddy was less then enthusiastic about it, but Matthew doesn't get they are zebra. To him, he is just wearing Mommy's shoes.
And he loves his Mommy so...:-P

This year for Easter, i tried to get Matthew a little into the egg hunt mode. We went to a big egg hunt at the base gym the day before but it was so crazy and wild, Matthew was far to distracted to really get any eggs.

So, instead he just ate the gummy carrot
in one of the eggs he did manage to put in his basket..
and it was good....

On Easter morning, I tried again by hiding some eggs around the house living room.
Matthew did a lot better this time around...

Until he decided he was done...

Then Daddy called so Matthew was on the move again, chatting away.

As an Easter present, we got Matthew a kitchen.
Needless to say, He looooves it!

Maybe he will be a good cook like both his grandpa's..
or a big time chef like Guy Fierri....

The saddest part about leaving Kodiak are the fast friends Matthew has made in the last 6 months. Jack, Jacob, and Kandyce will always have a special place in his heart...

These two are so funny when they hang out together.

This little boy, Iain [my girlfriend Kali little's boy] is like a big brother to little Matthew [they are around each other a lot]. Matthew idolizes him and brightens right up when ever Iain is around.
I am going to miss watching these two interact with each other..

He wants to be on Pirate ship....arrrr!!!

We were actually able to celebrate Daddy's birthday with him this year.
Mommy baked him a cake, and made him pose with it and everything.
He was less then enthusiastic about it, but whatever..

Watching Elmo together

Having his first ice cream cone.
He is definitely my special sweets

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Okay so It has been a while since i updated. 2 months !! Lot's has been going on. Getting ready for our BIG move off of this rock called Kodiak. I'm SOOO EXCITED!!! Trying to get everything ready and figure our trips to visit everyone all figured out [and planned around Baby Asher's BIG arrival!?!? Yes we are a proud Uncle and Auntie]. We plan on seeing everyone before we have to be in Everett, so get ready to see the big Copelin 3-some together, all 3 of us!!! WOOHOO!! It's so awesome to know I'm not going to have to travel alone with Matthew, that Daddy is able to go with us and have a great time together as a family!!! WOOHOO!!!

Alright onto the things everyone loves, pictures?!?!

So when Cameron came home from Hawaii, We decided we needed to get out and enjoy the beauty of Kodiak, as long as it wasn't raining! Off to Fort Ambercrombie we went...

Me and Cameron both love this pic, even with Matthew not looking. :-)

I think Cameron is in his element up here...

This is my favorite pic of Matthew ever, outside, having a great time, getting caught getting into trouble and being all over the place.
....I love him....

Last week we went to go and enjoy the outside SUNSHINE that we don't get that often up here in Kodiak. We went to the Buskin Beach to walk around and soak it up, because we didn't feel like driving to far that day. Matthew had such a fun time, running around, looking at all the shells, rocks, driftwood, and sticks. He also thoroughly enjoyed having his daddy home and being able to run around with him, and explore all over the place.

I also enjoyed being able to watch my favorite boys in the world love up on each other. :-)
I am so grateful to God because He has blessed with me an amazing husband and the most wonderful little Boy.

He was all over the place, and wouldn't stop for anything.
It was so fun to watch.

He ran everywhere.
He never slowed down to look at anything for more then 2 seconds, afraid he was going to miss out all the cool things out there.

He even tried to "hike" up this hillside by himself, freaking out if me or Cam tried to help him.
Needless to say he didn't get very far before he wanted to get back down..

This is just one of the gorgeous pics we took of the gorgeous place we have been able to call "home" for the last 3 years. As our time here comes to a close, and we move on to the next place, I find myself being so blessed to have been able to live here and see this kind of beauty first hand, up close and personal.
It really is a little piece of Heaven that God put here on earth.