Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well, cameron got underway on wednesday. I think matthew knows too, because all he does is say da da, da da. He doesnt even mumble other things. He is so focused on da da. Poor baby. This time, for some reason, it sucked. I was way more emotional then i thought i would be. I think, its because its starting the downward spiral of my friends leaving me.

First, Melissa and Liam left to move to Hawaii. That was so hard. I was ok, until Liam reached out to give Gina a hug and then i lost it. Im going to miss those two so much. MElissa was the type of friend that you could be goofy with, and not feel judged at all. She is quite the diva but i love that about her and she could always make me bust a gut laugh at least once, everytime we hung out, no matter what. i will miss her more then i think she realizes.

Then my first friend here in Kodiak, Becca, is moving to Texas on the 15th. We have been very close, very far apart, up, and down. Through it all, I wil cherish her friendship. Im going to miss watching her grow as a woman and, soon, as a mother. I hope that life gets better for her and that she realizes that she doesnt have to please anyone but herself and that she is worth so much more then she thinks. I hope she learns from her mistakes, grows from her hardships, and becomes the great mother i know she will be. :-D

On the 20th, my best friend Gina will be moving to Georgia. Im not prepared for this at all yet. I keep not focusing on it because I dont know how im going to handle it. she has been there for me through everything that i have gone through in the last 2 years. Not only do i adore her, my son thinks the sun rises and sets around her. Im so glad that Im flying home to my parents house the day after she leaves. It will help distract me. I love this girl more then i have ever loved any other friend. She is like a part of my family. I could not have gotten through, my pregnancy, being a first time mom, losing frienships, and rebuilding them as well. There are no words to describe my gratitude for her being brought into my life. I can't think about her leaving because, even now, i begin to tear up.

anyways, I'll be ok. Im glad i have my friends back home, to help me get through this, and i have the two remaining friends here that get to transfer with me next year. :-) I wouldnt be able to stay so positive without them. :-D