Friday, August 3, 2007

The Journey continues....

So,We got on the ferry and met some fellow Coasties that were all going to kodiak!!

One of the guys, Jacoby, was going to the air station.
Greg and Mikki were going to the USCGC Monroe.
It was pretty nice to have some people who were in the same boat we were in. Plus, i had a new friend already waiting for me when i got to Kodiak!!

Anyways, the ferry ride was pretty nice! It had some interesting food, but we had our cooler with some food already. We went to ketchikan and had some pretty BOMB eggs!! Then we stopped in SITKA and Cameron and I got to see our friend Kristy who was stationed there. It was nice to see a familar face after it being so long without any. :-D When we were in Sitka, i saw a funnny funny sign that was posted on the pier where the ferry came in..
---> It made me laugh out loud. HAHA

Anyways, We saw sooo many beautiful places in canada and alaska. They call the path the ferry took the inside passage and it definitely was gorgeous. It was still kind of warm and it was clear and sunny for the most part so we got some great pictures.

There was a lighthouse out in the middle of nowhere, in a town smaller then Kodiak.
We even saw the end of an island that kind of reminded me of an elephants snout.

All in All it was a fun ferry ride, one that i know i can endure again when i come home to visit. Except this time, im take it all the way from Homer, alaska to bellingham washington because the next part of my journey was rough country for me. LOL

Thursday, August 2, 2007

SO this is my first attempt at writing a blog.
I had livejournal a long time ago but then life got crazy and i couldnt keep up with it.
Now i live in Alaska and lifes a little simpler and less fast paced.
Maybe ill have better upkeep of this now. HaHa

We left my parents house on June 24th. That was a rough goodbye for me. I cried when we drove away. The only thing that wasnt to bad was i knew i was going to see my mom in a week, for our final goodbye. We went to monterey first and saw all my friends from Starbucks and one friend from Camerons old station. Said our goodbyes there and then went to Belmont and stayed with Spencer while we said our goodbyes to Santa Rosa Crew. I cried at that final goodbye because Robyn, Gina, Spencer, Nick.. All those wonderful people are my best friends and when you are as close as we all have become over the years it is hard to not know when you will see each other again. Then we stayed with Cams Mom[santa rosa, california] and Cams Dad [reno, nevada].

It was hard to say goodbye there for Cameron more then me, because it was his family this time. In between there, we went to Mike and Julies, where my mom was to pick up her van we had borrowed, and that was a very emotional time for me. Not only was i saying goodbye to Mike nad Julie [who have been my second set of parents since i was 14 years old], but i was finally saying goodbye to my mom. It was the hardest thing i have done this year. I was glad cameorn wanted to drive away. It was hard for me to stop crying, with everything going on.

After we left reno, we were off!!

The move up here was LONG and TIRESOME.

I saw soo many different things and and BEAUTIFUL places.

We went to Mt. Lassen Natl. Park, Lake Alminor,

Weed california, Bend Oregon, Crater Lake,

Multnomah Falls, Mt. Hood, Rogue AleHouse in Portland,

Pikes Place Market,

Mukilteo Lighthouse

I even got to visit the VERY FIRST STARBUCKS!
That was pretty exciting for me.
Seeing how it looked and being in that whole ambience.
I didn't get anything to drink because it was SOOOOOO packed in there.

I did get a picture, or two.
All that before we even got on the ferry.

Anyways, thats all for now.
Ill update more later or tomorrow.